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200    G    Oats (ground fine in vita)
800    G    Water
200    G    Milk
180    G    Birch Syrup

50      G    Butter
10      G    FDS
50      G    Crѐme Fraiche
20      G    PHXG


1.Bring the water, milk and maple syrup to a simmer in a 4L pot.

2. Whisk in the oats and cook until very tender
3. Stir in butter, fds, PHXG and crème fraiche.
4. Place appareil in vita-prep and blend till smooth.
5. Place on the silpats on a sheet tray and bake at 320*F for 30-40 minutes until evenly colored
6. Reduce heat to 250*F and bake until crisp.
7. Let cool. Keep dry till service.

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