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Featured Foods


Below are some of Chef Angus McIntosh's favorite recipes.


Goat cheese



200    G    Oats (ground fine in vita)
800    G    Water
200    G    Milk
180    G    Birch Syrup
50    G    Butter
10    G    FDS
50    G    Crѐme Fraiche
20    G    PHXG




1.    Bring the water, milk and maple syrup to a simmer in a 4L pot. Whisk in the oats and cook until very tender 
2.    ( overcooked)
3.    Stir in butter, fds, PHXG and crème fraiche. 
4.    Place appareil in vita-prep and blend till smooth. 
5.    Place on the silpats on a sheet tray and bake at 320*F( Medium Fan setting)* for 30-40 minutes until evenly colored
6.    Reduce heat to 250*F and bake until crisp.
7.    Let cool. Keep dry till service.

Creamy Whiskey Emulsion

Serving 3L

200 G        DAB Fat
1  K            Meaty Dry Age Bones (1”x1”)

500 G       Shallot (diced)
6               Each Cloves of Garlic ( en chemise) 
50 G         Peppercorns ( lightly crushed)

500 G       BC Farms Whiskey

1,500 G    Chicken Stock
500 G       Veal Stock


                              Reduce and skim  15min

300 G       Heavy Cream

1               Bay Leaf

75 G         Beurre Maine

100 G       Crème Fraiche
100 G       BC Farms Whiskey
25 G         Worcestershire



  1. In the 10L rondeau over medium heat, add the fat and caramelize the bones

  2. Add the shallots, garlic, and peppercorns. Sweat

  3. Remove rondeau from the fire and add whiskey, return to fire and flambé (be aware and alert)

  4. Add veal stock and heavy cream, simmer for 20 minutes

  5. Strain the sauce through the china-cap and press solids

  6. Return the sauce to a small sauce pot and bring to a simmer

  7. Whisk in beurre manie, cook out flour for about 5 minutes

  8. Transfer to a vita-prep, blend till smooth

  9. Adjust seasoning with fresh whiskey, worcestershire, and crème fraiche

  10. Strain and chill rapidly

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